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What is Pipeline Welding?

Pipeline welding is the process of joining and repairing tubular products as part of the construction of buildings, structures, and stand-alone pipelines. Welding is required in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments. Due to pipes being routinely set up in fixed positions and situated in ways that make welding difficult, pipeline welding re- quires highly trained and versatile workers.

Why is pipeline welding important?

Pipelines are the veins of our infrastructure, distributing water, oil, and natural gas to our businesses and homes. Essen- tials such as driving to work, keeping yourself warm, or cooking your next meal, would simply not be possible without pipelines. Pipeline Welders make this possible by using their skills to build, repair, and maintain these integral parts in an effective, safe, and efficient manner.

Products used:
Arc welding supplies are most commonly used in pipeline welding. Other products, which can be helpful for pipeline welders include, pipe bending, cutting, and alignment clamps. As we have stated the conditions which pipeline welding is often completed mean any tools, which can assist with lifting or clamping the pipelines in place, are often welcomed by workers.

PCES Limited are a company renowned worldwide for being suppliers of pipe handling, preparation, alignment, cutting and bevelling machines. They have a comprehensive stock of the materials needed to complete pipeline welding. Their experiences mean that they supply international companies in the constructional, petro chemical and pipeline industries.

For more information about their products please visit their website.


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