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What is flush Floor Trunking

Many people will be familiar with the trunking systems that are visible in offices and other public places but are you aware how much trunking lays below your feet. Flush floor trunking is essential in many public or commercial buildings. This type of trunking works by encasing cables or pipework beneath the flooring, protecting them from damage.

Benefits of flush floor trunking

A flush floor trunking solution gives a level finish to the flooring providing a safe and discrete cable or pipe management solution. Access covers are available to provide easy maintenance and repairs if needed.

Fitting flush floor trunking

With Screeduct flexible options are available for installation, whether you decide to fit directly into screed or simply leave apertures for installation at a later date. If you choose to leave apertures then you can use steel suspension additions. These allow trunking to be fitted into oversized apertures, which have been created in the flooring. Trunking can then be inserted and a perfectly flush finish achieved.

Screeduct® patented flange fittings mean there is no need to use mechanical fixings, which eliminates movement. Floor service outlets can be installed in convenient positions which means that if you need to service or repair your cables or pipework, this can be done easily.

More about the Manufacturer

Screeduct offer a range of bespoke flush floor trunking systems. They have completed many successful projects for businesses in a wide range of industries. You can see some of their previous projects here. For more information about the project range please visit the Screeduct Website.


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