Aluminium Handrail

The benefits of aluminium handrails

Aluminium is the most abundant metallic element in the earth’s crust. It has many benefits that make it ideal for handrail applications. The main advantages of aluminium is that they are light, strong, resilient, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable.

Strong and light

Aluminium is a very light metal about a third that of steel. In terms of strength to weight ratio, aluminium outperforms other materials. Aluminium’s advantages means that it is the material of choice widely in a vast array of fields such as construction, transportation and other applications.  Its strength can be adapted to the application required by modifying the composition of its alloys.

Corrosion resistance

Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating. This makes it highly corrosion resistant which is particularly useful for applications where protection and conservation are beneficial. Additional surface treatment such as anodising or powder coating can further improve this property. This corrosion resistance makes it the perfect material for handrails and balustrades especially those which will be outdoors. Handrails and balustrades need to stay strong and be low maintenance.


Aluminium is 100 percent recyclable with no downgrading of its qualities. The re-melting of aluminium also requires little energy.

Aluminium Handrails

SG System Products offer a tubular aluminium handrail system called AL50.  This system has thick wall balusters which enable a much wider spacing giving the design a more open feel. The AL50 aluminium handrail can be used for interior or exterior applications but powder coating is essential for all exterior applications. Their “SteriTouch” antimicrobial powder coating makes AL50 ideal for applications where hygiene is important such as surgeries, medical centres, care homes.

For more information on SG System Products aluminium handrail please visit their website.


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