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What your Front Door Colour says about you?

Every decision you make shows a glimpse into your mind. From the way you dress to the way you decorate your home; it all gives away snippets of you.

It’s very easy to make an assumption of someone based on the way they appear. Research has shown that it takes less than 10 seconds to judge someone after seeing the colour of their front door. But what are these assumptions? Depending on the colour of your door, find out what people may assume about you.

Starting bright. Yellow is thought to be one of the happiest colours on the rainbow. Associated with summer and warm places, it brings a welcoming feel to any home! A splash of yellow on your front door can show many different things.

You’re flamboyant, outgoing and vibrant personality is oozing out of your home. Creativity flows in this house and guests feel that they are welcomed with open arms. We bet you’re up early, making the most of the sunshine in these warmer months!

Black and grey doors are very similar in both colour and personality. Black is the colour of the iconic 10 Downing Street. People flood the street to get a glimpse of who enters which creates this mysterious feel to the door. Your door being black means it will follow behind with this mysterious feel!

Grey doors are very similar however perhaps have a bit more of a sincere feel. A family with a grey front door may be assumed to be very deep in their thoughts and at one with their souls! Grey brings a slight gloomy feel but looks great with all greenery!

Red is associated with love and passion. A red front door may be homed to a traditional nuclear family many years ago – now it’s thought to be the colour of love! You probably have polished decor and a

well-kept garden. In Scotland, red front doors are associated with people who have paid of their mortgages!

Pretty in Pink. Pink front doors are believed to be the outgoing and mischievous home. Purple, green, orange and pink all symbolise a creative family – who can be a little cheeky. Pink is a clean colour, so pink door families are probably well organised and clutter free! The colour of your front door gives the world a clue of who lives inside. Taking pride of your home and the way it looks from the outside can make a big difference on how you feel on the inside!


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