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The Beauty of Brass

Today, brass is enjoying a renaissance among designers and makers, celebrated once again for the desirable qualities it’s offered all along: strength, workability, acoustic capacity, and lasting lustre. Brass finds its way into many corners of architecture and design.

As a preferred metallic finish, bare brass is able to hold its own with the strong colours emerging in modern interior schemes. Indigo blues and vivid greens can give rich warmth to an interior when paired with brass fittings and fixtures.

Brass is an alloy composed of zinc and copper that, in turn, has been produced for millennia and is then valued for its hardness, workability, attractive appearance and corrosion resistance. Architects value the metals aesthetic look due to it being able to be produced in a range of colours, from deep reds to golden yellows. Brass is greatly used in handrail and balustrade systems. Its rich and traditional appearance makes it a great metal to be used in prestigious buildings.

When brass is used for handrails, its often used in a bright polished finish with a clear lacquer finish. This is done to avoid any need for frequent polishing. This makes brass handrails a great low-maintenance choice to have. Brass handrails tend to be designed for interior applications, although with this clear lacquer it can be suitable for exterior purposes as well.

When a system is made of top-quality brass components, you are guaranteed a durable handrail which is suitable for high traffic areas like theatres or shopping centres. With its elegant and sleek appearance, its great for any prestigious locations.

SG System Products design, manufacture and install a wide range of high-quality balustrade and handrail systems. Citadel is a brass handrail system which gives a rich and traditional appearance. Their brass handrail is available with a range of infill panel options:

  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Powder Coated Running Rails

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