aluminium handrails

Benefits to Aluminium Balustrades

When it comes to your home, we want it all, right? Deciding on the perfect railing for your project can be super tricky. With wood having a tendency to rot, steel being heavy and an even heavier price, finding the suitable material which will offer you durability as well as low-cost is virtually impossible.

Here is why Aluminium may be the right choice for you.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Unlike other railing systems, aluminium is very easy to install. With so many simple installation kits that can arrive straight to your door, all you will require is some basic tools and you could tackle this on your own! Aluminium is also much lighter than steel and therefore, transportation a much easier job.

As well as simple installation, maintaining aluminium balustrades is also a breeze. From time to time you may want to hose them down with cold water, just to remove any dirt that may have collected on the railings. Other than this, you are pretty much set with these handrails.


When comparing price with longevity, aluminium is your best option. Despite wood being a much cheaper option, it has a real potential to rot and wear away. With an aluminum balustrade system, you are guaranteed a high level of protection along with full insurance that It will last you for years to come.


If weather is a worry for you and your railings, aluminium will be a great material to rely on. Holding up against rain, ice, snow and even UV rays, its perfect for every type of environment. The durability of aluminium means that it won’t fall apart for year to come.

At SG System Products, AL50 is a tubular aluminium balustrade system with ‘thick wall’ balusters which enable a much wider spacing. For hygiene purposes, they can add an anti-microbial additive to the handrail which provides a barrier against bacteria and germs. This makes this handrail great for the education and health care sectors. See more of Aluminium Handrails here