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Protect your Outdoor Furniture for Winter

During summer, spending time outside in your hard-worked garden is the ultimate reward. But now with winter right around the corner, it’s time to start protecting your wooden furniture.

This year, weather forecasters have predicted that there’s a 57% chance that the weather will be much colder than last year and possibly the coldest in decades. Despite wood being a great addition to any garden and being long-lasting, it can be easily damaged from harsh weather. In order to keep your wooden furniture looking great for years to come, there’s some precautions and maintenance you should get on with before winter arrives.


Painting your furniture is probably something you would have done early in the year but if not, consider finding a dry day to paint some wood! Paint is great for added protection against the outdoor elements. Although you will lose the original look of the wood, the protection is much more important.

Paint protects wood by reflecting the UV radiation from the sun and prevents rotting from moisture. Depending on your furniture, spend some time layering coats to prevent chipping or peeling.

Water Sealant

Water sealants are great for giving your wood an enhanced look whilst giving protection. Not only do water sealants protect furniture from moisture on the outside, but they also allow damp wood within the sealant to dry much faster to avoid splitting.


Getting a varnish that is suitable for outdoor use is great for maintaining your woods look. Like a water sealant, a varnish will strengthen the outer layer of the wood, keeping moisture and rain away from the beauty.

Plan Ahead

For garden lovers, planning ahead will be a normal step. Although it’s not possible to predict the weather, if you know its going into colder seasons, investing in some furniture covers is the ultimate way to protect your furniture and have it looking great for years to come. Don’t forget to have a water sealant on your furniture, just in case of torrential rain.

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