Galvanised Fencing

Galvanised Fencing perfect for the Winter

With Winter approaching, weather forecasters are warning people of what may hit the UK during the next few months. In 2018, the Beast from the East saw 17 people die as temperatures dropped. But this year, temperatures are expected to be the lowest levels recorded in decades.

If boundaries are vital to you or your business, investing in robust fencing now could ultimately save you time and money in the upcoming months. Whether it be for security or safety, extreme temperatures which are predicted for this Winter could damage and break anything which hasn’t been prepared and maintained.

Rather than wait until the weather turns cold before finding out somethings not working properly, companies are strongly advising that you prepare in advance for the weather that may be right around the corner for Britain.

While any outdoor fencing is subject to ever-changing elements, systems during winter can become extremely vulnerable when they aren’t manufactured with materials that can withstand everything the weather can throw at it. For over twenty years, galvanised steel has been the most preferred choice for low-temperature environments with studies showing no behaviour change in the material.

A galvanised coating is added to steel which creates a protective barrier from corrosion. Galvanised steel performs well in both hot and cold climates and is now used in so many different industries such as worksites that are exposed to acid rain, sea water and road salt, marine environments and now even some polar installations.

The main advantage of galvanised steel is the corrosion durability. Due to ice and snow in winter, salt and other de-icing substances are scattered across the roads and pavements to decrease the chances of accidents. Because of this salt, this greatly increases the rate at which rust forms on structures. The reason why galvanised steel is so beneficial in winter is because of the durability it has against these problems caused by the weather.

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