What you need to consider when choosing School Fencing

From the very first moment a pupil steps through the gates and onto the school premises their protection and safety is in the school’s hands. Therefore, it is vital to choose a fencing that allows schools to easily keep control of students and reassure staff and parents that the children are always there. Not only this, having the correct school fencing shows parents and students your adherence to safety. School fencing can be used for many purposes such as a perimeter for playgrounds, sports pitches, and school gardens. It is vital to choose the perfect fencing for each situation. 

There are three main types of fencing used in a school environment: bow top fencing, interlaced fencing, and flat top fencing, all of which can be finished to match the school colours. It is also important to have a gate that fulfills the same requirements as the gate. Self-closing gates are the perfect solution for nurseries and pre-school, as they prevent trapped fingers and ensure the ground is always closed off.

Bow Top Fencing

Bow top fencing panels are the perfect solution to identify boundaries within the school and they stop children running into harm’s way whilst also creating a decorative feature for the area.

Bow top fencing provides exceptional visibility opening up the bordered off area and also providing teachers and parents the ability to easily identify where the children are at any given moment.

This fencing is available in all different sizes and heights. This therefore means that any requested look can easily be achieved. The colour options are endless, with the choice of the traditional look, that fits into the schools existing colours, or for a pop of colour.

Interlaced fencing

An interlaced bow top fence provides people with an aesthetically pleasing design. In a similar way to bow top fencing, interlaced fences are perfect for areas which need a border without blocking the view beyond. This therefore makes them perfect for a school ground as it is extremely easy for teachers and parents to see the surrounding area thus identifying students at any necessary moment.

Interlaced bow top fencing is commonly produced from a galvanized steel, meaning that they are the highest of quality. There are a wide range of colours available for interlaced bow top fencing so that they can be made to fit in the desired design.

Flat top fencing

Flat top fencing is a simplistic approach to fencing with no frills design, this type of fencing is perfect for when it is necessary to clearly identify the boundary of a chosen area. Not only this thanks to the minimalistic look that flat top fencing achieves, it is perfect to enhance this given area, and gives the appearance of a larger size.


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