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Choosing the best Park Fencing

Within any estate park or growing community, it is important for the boundary between play areas and other public areas to be clear and obvious. By achieving this, children have the freedom to play and explore, whilst parents are reassured that it is all done in a safe area where the children are aware of the limits. Not only this, other members of the public will be aware of where children are playing and can plan walks to either incorporate or exclude the area.

Safety is the main priority when creating a park, therefore choosing the most suitable fencing is a vital decision. By installing park fencing, a visible boundary is created, providing a clear and defined area to play.

Bow Top Fencing and Gates

Bow top fencing is a perfect way of identifying a clear boundary for a park. Not only does it prevent children getting into harm’s way, it also provides a decorative feature for the surrounding area. Bow top fencing comes with the advantage of exceptional visibility, therefore, parents have the ability to easily keep an eye on their children at any given moment.

Bow top fencing is available in different sizes, heights. Any desired look can be achieved, with dozens of colours to choose from, whether it be a traditional look, or a way of adding colour to the area.

Another important thing to consider when choosing the correct fencing for a play area, is the entrance. Bow top gating creates a seamless finish, as it blends in with the surrounding fencing, and therefore creates a continuous look.

Interlaced fencing

Interlaced bow top fencing, has the ability to provide people with a more aesthetically pleasing design, in comparison to other fences. Corresponding to bow top fencing, interlaced fences also provide exceptional visibility, this therefore makes them ideal for play areas, which need a clear boundary without obstructing the view.

Interlaced bow top fencing is commonly produced from galvanized steel, meaning that they are the highest quality. Like all fencing at fencing superstore There are a wide range of colours available, meaning that they can be made to fit any desired design.

As an alternative to the bow top fencing, interlaced have a unique design that provides a delicate look, this would be perfect for play areas, as it won’t disrupt any scenic surroundings.

Flat top fencing

The most simplistic look of them all, with no frills or hooped design, flat top fencing is the perfect match when it is vital to identify a clear boundary. Thanks to the minimalistic look of the design, flat top fencing creates the illusion of a larger space, making it the perfect solution for smaller park and play areas.

This fencing is extremely safe, strong, and durable, with the ability to defeat the odds against the harsh weathers.

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