Caring For All With Triton’s Omnicare

As Britain’s population continues to grow, homes are increasingly being designed with inclusivity at the forefront. Triton Showers’ new Omnicare range is the ideal solution for those in need of a shower which can be used comfortably and easily by all.

With safety at its core, the BEAB care approved Omnicare gives total peace of mind to every user, parent or carer, while remaining stylish and attractive thanks to a variety of finishes.

The reassurance of thermostatic technology means the system regulates the water to within +/-1°C of its intended temperature and will cut out completely in the event of a loss of flow the cold incoming supply. Triton’s Safe-set™ controls also allow a maximum temperature to be fixed, ensuring the heat will never exceed its specified setting.

Omnicare’s audible feedback, tactile buttons and the grey contrast temperature dial give added support to those with visual and auditory impairments. Providing extra assistance to the less mobile, the dual purpose riser rail can withstand a load of up to 150kg offering an essential supportive aid. For flexible control, an optional wired remote start/stop button is also available so the shower can be conveniently operated from outside the shower area.

When it comes to installation, the multiple pipe and cable entry points make this easy, and the generous footprint means replacements are quick. Omnicare is compatible with both analogue and digital waste pumps, making it suitable for most set ups.

To find out more about Omnicare and the wider range of care showers, visit tritonshowers.co.uk or follow ‘Triton Showers’ on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


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