led handrail

Light the way with an LED handrail

In a wide range of applications, an LED handrail might be just what you are looking for. They provide subtle and appealing lighting in exterior applications. No longer do you need harsh and unsightly flood lights to light your pathways or walkways. By having a handrail installed with LED inserts, the pathway is adequately lit, without the need for harsh lighting.

These are particularly useful in built up and residentail areas. In such environments, harsh lighting can be distracting for drivers, and disturbing for residents. An LED handrail can direct lighting to the floor, keeping distraction and light pollution to an absolute minimum. These handrails are also incredibly energy efficient, as they can last up to 100’000 hours, consuming only watt of power.

SG System Products are specialist handrail and balustade providers. Their Illumine range can provide a range of stunning solutions. This LED handrail is available with a stainless steel or brass finishish, as well as with a warm to the touch finish. These handrials can also be fitted to SG System Products Glassrail balustrade, for an incredibly sleek look.

Their LED inserts can either be fitted into the handrail and rotated to the desired application before being fitted. Alternatively, they can be fitted to the underside of the handrail, pre-set to the appropiate angle.

For more information on LED handrails from SG System Products, please visit their website.


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