flame retardant coatings

What are Flame Retardant Coatings?

A flame retardant coatings or paints purpose is to stop flame and fire spreading over a given surface. They do this by releasing a flame dampening gas once they become hot. To ensure they are effective they are tested against British safety standards.

Fire retardant paints are most frequently used in large-scale industrial spaces, public buildings and facilities, or on new builds. They can also be used on smaller DIY projects, but for many of these heat resistant paints will be sufficient.

Why use Flame retardant coatings

If you have carried out a risk assessment then you have likely identified where possible risks lie. It is therefore important to react proactively to these risks. Flame retardant paints supply a high level fire protection, the level of fire protection gained ensures improved health and safety with every application. These type of coatings are suitable for many surfaces. Wood finishes have a number of other beneficial and practical properties. These include quick drying, improved stain resistance, solvent free finishes which are not harmful to the environment and flame retardant coatings.

Categories of fire retardant paints

There are two main categories for flame retardant coatings for wood, both of which meet the stringent safety requirements of UK Building Regulations.

Class 1 – British Standard (BS) 476 part 7 is a coating that will delay both ignition and the spread of flames. Fire testing has shown this product is best used predominantly for private houses and other domestic buildings.

Class 0 – British Standard (BS) 476 part 6 is a protective coating that expands in the heat of a fire. The layer provides the wood with insulation and protection from the heat and also oxygen, so it cannot ignite and in doing so controls the spread of the fire. This layer is also known as an Intumescent paint coating.

Fire retardant finishes

Flame retardant coatings are often available in a clear or pigmented finish. They produce a top layer, which looks much like a varnish. These products are designed to be non-toxic and solvent free, which is certainly of extreme importance when exposed to high levels of heat.

Suppliers of fire retardant coatings

If safety is paramount, then it is wise to invest in the services of Finework, a professional spray finishing company. They will ensure coatings are applied evenly and in full accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The fire resistant paints that they use offer excellent fire resistances and coupled with expert application, you can feel reassured that it will be highly effective should the need ever occur. Find out more at https://finework.co.uk.


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