high gloss finishes

Looking for a decorative design statement with high gloss finishes?

High gloss finishes from Finework give more than just your classic finished wood look. If you a feature in your room that you really want to accentuate, then a high gloss finish may be just what you’re looking for. In addition to the decorative design statement it makes, Fineworks high gloss finish gives the wood a hard finish, adding to its natural durability. This makes it any well-used woods such as dining tables or cabinets. For kitchen cabinets, they recommend their expert MDF gloss finish, which offer the most comprehensive protective coating.

But why finish your wood? Durability and design are just a few of the benefits of wood finishing. It also gives the wood a layer of resistance, protecting it from water and preventing from absorbing damaging elements such as dirt or grease. Musical instruments, wooden car trims and wall panels are just a few of the applications that would benefit from Fineworks High Gloss Finishing.

With over 30 years experience, Finework are experts in their field and are well know throughout the industry. This means that you know that when you choose Finework, you’re choosing the best the industry has to offer. Their professional spray painting an polishing service always leaves you with professionally finished wood, that matches your exact requirements.

For more information about high gloss finishes from Finework, please visit their website.


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