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Introducing the new energy saving solution from GIF

GIF ActiveVent have been leading the way for a while when it comes to commercial kitchen ventilation, and they have just launches a new energy saving product: ecoAzur. The ecoAzur is designed to help decrease the levels of heat and vapors in a commercial kitchen environment by using both optical and thermal sensors to help determine when more ventilation is needed.

These sensors not only keep the air quality more consistent by regulating the amount of ventilation, but also help you save money by automatically adjusting the power needed. The measurement devices are made from stainless steel making them easy to clean, hygienically safe and reliable.

The ecAzur system can be fitted to new kitchens, but can also be retrofitted to existing ventilation systems, making an upgrade simpler than you’d expect. Interflow UK are a company based in the Midlands, and they supply and install many of GIF ActiveVents products including the new ecoAzur system.

Interflow have 25 years experience in supplying and installing quality commercial kitchen ventilation and purification systems, including products such as service ducts, pipe seals and grease separators. All these products are designed to enhance, add value and increase sustainability across commercial and public sectors, helping you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Find out more about GIF ActiveVent on the Interflow website here.


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