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A better way to do trunking

Prior to installation of a trunking system, comprehensive plans need to be drawn up in order to ensure that the services will be in the correct place. Other considerations such as loading requirements. For commercial projects off the shelf solutions simply will not do. Equally using a manufacturer who is going to use cheaper materials or cut corners on build quality could cause huge time delays and additional costs further down the project timeline.

The best solution is to choose a manufacturer who is experienced in drawing up detailed plans and choosing the correct materials for your project. You want to configure the trunking so it not only works for the current use of the building but is also prepared for future changes or expansion.

Screeducts bespoke heavy duty trunking systems do just this. They have over 40 years experience in creating trunking and 20 years specialising in bespoke systems. Their bespoke system has been designed to be easily fitted together using a nut and bolt system. Each section has a recess in which a plate is fitting with bolts, which are then secured bringing two sections of trunking together. This saves time and money during installation.

The Screeduct system can also be fitted either in the Screed during construction or retrospectively if apertures are left. This gives much more design freedom to contractors.

Fitting In the Screed

Generally, floor trunking and ducting is levelled on a mortar bed. Screeduct systems feature unique, patented side flanges. These secure trays when the screed is floated into position. Steel or timber covers should be temporarily fitted before screeding flush with top of tray, then removed to install services after screed dries.

Located at the base of the ducting profiles, patented Screeduct® flange fittings remove the need for any mechanical fixings within the screed. This ensures that all movement is eliminated whilst strength is maintained throughout the length and width of the duct.

Fitting Retrospectively in apertures

For previous clients Screeduct have also provided steel suspension additions, which allow trunking to be fitted into oversized apertures, which have been created in the flooring. Trunking can then be inserted and a perfectly flush finish achieved. This is often the preferred option as it is difficult to keep trunking free from debris and materials when fitted directly into the screed. So fitting into oversized apertures means that the trunking can remain clean and then be fitted.

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