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Why off the shelf trunking isn’t the right solution

When specifying trunking there are various off the shelf or modular options available on the market. To see why a bespoke trunking solution could be better we have looked at the considerations which need to be made during this specification.

  1. Configuration Restrictions
  2. Future Proofing
  3. Load strength

Configuration restrictions

When specifying for new builds or renovations there may be difficult room configurations to take into account. If you are simply relying on a off the shelf solution then you will be restricted to very rigid formats. This could dictate the positioning of electrical ports which could become extremely frustrating further down the line. By choosing a bespoke solution the trunking can be created in whatever format the building requires. Access points can be made at any point in the run creating freedom to position points wherever they are required.

Future Proofing

Many people specifying for a new build only look at the current requirements of a building. For future proofing it is better to think about every eventuality. This means trying to look at how the building could evolve and how this would put new pressure on the trunking system. By thinking about possible problems which could occur the specification can be tweaked to try to minimise and future issues. Screeduct are able to offer versatility through interchangeable trunking lids and bespoke load strengths.

Load Strength

If the specified trunking is going to need to withstand load from vehicles for example then a bespoke solution is ideal. Many off the shelf solutions will be restricted in the thicknesses of materials and sizes of the trunking itself. This will mean that by design they will only be able to withstand a certain amount of load. In contrast Screeduct can look into the payload required in tonnes and work out the best suited material. Their expertise in this field means that they can give you professional advice in this area.

If you would like more information about how Screeduct bespoke heavy duty trunking could be used on your project visit their website or contact them today.



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