Summer Colour Trends for your Kitchen

If your kitchen is looking a little worse-for-wear, now is the time to get it ready for summer. Take a look at some of our favorite trends for summer 2019 for your kitchen, and have it looking photo-ready in no time!

Delicate Pastels

There’s nothing like a splash of colour to really make you feel like summer! Pastel shades are going to be particularly popular this season. If you’re indecisive of what colours to splash on your cabinets, consider a pastel blue or green to bring that outdoor feel into your home. Give your kitchen a coat of colour, not too much, to add that light summery feel all around.


One of the most popular trends this season is grey. Grey kitchens will never go out of trend. The neutral colour pairs well with any coloured accessories and creates a modern, subtle feel to the room. Adding large amounts of grey may seem daunting, but incorporating lots of plants into the room really makes the kitchen feel that extra bit more outside. Perhaps you are thinking of grey floors? If you are scared about the room appearing dark, why not consider clear wood lacquer. Lacquer adds that reflective quality to a surface, giving the sun a great space to bounce off.

Bold & Bright

Nothing quite shows summer like bright colours in your kitchen. Summer is all about bright and bold colours and if you can successfully incorporate them into your kitchen, it will definitely impress. The trendiest colour is yellow. A yellow feature wall against other neutral toned walls adds brightness into your kitchen and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Pair with neutral toned accessories, or some matching flowers and your kitchen will look summer ready!

Warm Neutrals & Gold Accents

A timeless classic. With gold being on trend for quite some time now and Summer not so far away, create the life of the party within your kitchen by neutralising it all out with wooden textures and cupboards. If you are struggling for colour ideas think summer nights, oranges, yellows, and greens.

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