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Options for Council Fencing

Council fencing is the ideal solution for many applications. Whether it be for existing residential areas or new developments, it’s functionality can finish any area. A visible boundary in public residential areas is crucial for privacy, safety and security for home owners. There are many council fence solutions, all of which are best suited for different developments.

Flat Top Fencing
Flat top fencing offers a simple yet effective design which is great for boundaries where a minimalist approach is preferred. The flat top fencing is strong, durable and safe whilst being attractive to the eye.

Bow Top Fencing
Bow top fencing panels are a decorative yet secure barrier for boundaries. Bow top fencing offers a simple solution for keeping children in restricted areas, and preventing dogs from fouling on play areas. Whilst used in a range of public areas, it can also be used in gardens.

Hydraulic and Spring Gates
Council fencing is generally required in areas such as pedestrian crossings, parks, paths and near busy roads. It’s a vital measure which needs to be taken to ensure the safety of children. Hydraulic and spring gates are the perfect solution for any parks or playgrounds. Produced in a range of colours, they fit with surrounding colours or can be used to add visibility at night time.

Steel Fencing
If repetitive trespassing is a problem, steel gates may be the solution. With extreme weather resistance and durability, these fences can act as a barrier to keep people out. Their long-lasting properties means you won’t have to worry about replacement and any frequent maintenance.

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