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Create a Contemporary space with Glass Balustrades

From commercial, public, to private developments, balustrade systems are used throughout for a variety of reasons. Ensuring the safety of people entering the building is key, but also ensuring they go with the overall theme of the building is also an essential. With many options on the market, here is why glass balustrade systems are the optimum choice.

The Benefits


One of the most obvious benefits of a glass balustrade system, as opposed to metal or wood, would be that they don’t block out sunlight. With the light passing through it means less money spent on lighting fixtures through corridors and hallways. Similarly, if you have a view of some sort, why block it out! Along with more light it also helps give the illusion of more space.

Low Maintenance

Compared to other balustrade systems, glass is very easy to clean. With a simple design it makes it incredibly easy to grab some glass cleaner and wipe away the dirt. If you notice some scratches, purchasing a polish can restore the glass to its original scratch-free state.

Easy Installation

Most glass options only consist of glass panels and a railing which means the balustrade can be installed in virtually no time at all. Other materials have much more complex designs which means they need more time to install. Glass is also a much eco-friendlier material to use because metal can emit harmful substances due to corrosion, glass will never have this problem.


Another great advantage of a glass balustrade is that they have many design options. From choosing the color, texture and framing means you can create any sort of style you wish. If you have a specific style running through your project, its easy to match this balustrade option to it.

At SG System Products, they manufacture and install a wide range of high quality, bespoke, hand finished, balustrade and handrail systems. Their Glass rail is a structural or cantilevered glass balustrade system with a range of handrail options. The glass balustrade system includes toughened or laminated glass in a range of thickness’ dependent on the applications.  To read more, click here