rooflight blinds in kitchen
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Controlling natural light with residential rooflight blinds

Like many others, the owners of this Victorian house in Primrose Hill, London, asked their architects to flood their new kitchen with natural light. They wanted to have an integrated shading solution that would control heat, brightness and enable total privacy if required. Architects, Design Squared specified a glass wall which extends the full width of the house, and two large skylights in the kitchen.

In high-end residential designs such as this, aesthetics, when rooflight blinds are open, are a high priority. In this case Guthrie Douglas rooflights blinds were used, the shading mechanism was completely concealed within the surrounding frame, using a patented Blindspace® recess box, designed for the TESSTM 660.

The result is a space with maximum levels of natural light and complete control over heat and glare, without breaking the clean lines of the design or obstructing the view to the outdoors.

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