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How to choose the right Fencing for your School or Community playground

The key to a thriving community or school is a playground. It goes with saying that playgrounds are the ultimate social for both children and adults. Whether its regular dog walkers, joggers or elders out for fresh air we believe that playgrounds play a crucial role in interaction.

A playground is a safe play area for children of all ages and should be kept well maintained. Whether it’s to keep children in or others (such as dogs) out, we know that fencing is what creates a secure barrier. Steel playground fencing creates a safe and secure boundary for children to play in.


Steel fencing is built to last and stand the test of time. As one of the strongest metals, steel provides a strong fence and resists chipping, cracking, peeling and is non-combustible. A cheaper option such as timber fences need treating as they can develop wood rot or an infestation of termites. Steel on the other hand doesn’t need treating and once it is secured into place it’s pretty much solid.

Cost Effective

Although the initial cost of steel fencing is much more than timber, steel provides a much longer life span. As well as the longevity, they also don’t require much maintenance like timber fences do.


One of the most obvious benefits to using steel fencing for playgrounds is the level of security it offers. A perimeter made of steel is much more secure than a fence made of timber and so, if security is a big concern in the area you are located then steel is a great material to rely on.

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