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Free COVID-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment Template

In the week after the government published its strategy for lifting lockdown, demand for COVID-19 risk assessments has surged 1,300%.

Within the Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy for reopening businesses, risk assessments were identified as a critical part to planning.

Following on from the announcement, ISA Support have produced a free COVID-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment Template.

To support businesses around the UK, ISA (Business Development & Support) decided to provide all applicable businesses and workplaces with a FREE OF CHARGE COVID-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment Template to allow the safe return of staff to work.

To download this risk assessment template please click here.

ISA (Business Development & Support) do not know your exact circumstances and therefore this template should be used for guidance purposes only.

In addition to this free template ISA (Business Development & Support) are also offering other COVID-19 support services including:

  • Operational COVID-19 Risk Assessments
  • Guidance on the New COVID-19 Guidance and Legislation
  • Remote Internal Audits of your Management Systems and COVID-19 Control Measures
  • Remote External Audits with Certification Bodies
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Plans (Development, Introduction and Testing)
  • Staff COVID-19 Management Awareness Training

If you have any requirements please contact ISA (Business Development & Support) here