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Key benefits of having Stainless Steel Balustrades

When it comes down to the task of designing and creating stairs for either commercial or residential buildings, the opportunities are abundant. Making a decision like this can become overwhelming with the endless possibilities available on the market.

Some products become favoured due to their all-round performance, with stainless steel balustrades being the leading product. This is all thanks to a few of the following key benefits of the material.


Throughout the construction industry, one of the most durable materials is stainless steel. Not only long lasting, stainless steel can also withstand the toughest wear and tear.

Not only are stainless steel balustrades durable, they also incredibly resistant to rust. This results in a reduced amount of maintenance required in the foreseeable future.

Endless design possibilities

Many materials used within the industry can be limited to their design options, however with stainless steel balustrades, this is not the case. SG System Products offer stainless steel balustrades which have all been designed with a range of product finishes on offer, including both satin and bright polish. Not only this, these compound systems can also be installed with multiple different solutions including glass, stainless steel, or powder-coated rails.

Easy to Preserve

Due to its formidable strength, it is unexpected for stainless steel to develop any scratches or marks over a long period of time. In comparison to other materials, stainless steel is a lot easier to maintain. Wood tends to split over time, meaning it needs to be replaced – this is not the case with stainless steel balustrades.

At SG System Products, an option of a SteriTouch additive is also available. This is an anti-microbial additive which provides an effective barrier against any bacteria and hand borne germs.

Custom Made

Stainless steel is much easier to work with than other materials, this is because it has the ability to withstand a significant amount of hammering and bending – in comparison to wood which would most likely break under the same circumstances.

Sentinel is a stainless-steel balustrade system with a range of handrail and infill panel options. The stylish components-based system can be installed with a variety of contemporary infill solutions including glass, perforated metal sheet, stainless steel or powder-coated rails, stainless steel wire or to a bespoke design. Find out more here: