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Handrails for Hospitals

Handrails within hospitals often serve many purposes, this includes protecting the walls from damage, offering support to patients and also an aid to guiding the way. Within hospitals, both patients and staff use handrails every day without notice. As a result of this, handrail hygiene is a major factor that needs to be taken into consideration in any healthcare environment.

Everything within and surrounding a hospital needs to be easy to clean and sanitise now more than ever. Therefore, choosing the correct material for the rails is vital in order to ensure everyone’s safety. The Strading-hygienic handrail system has the option to be coated with anti-microbial powder coating, which is an extremely effective control measure against the spread of any bacteria on a surface. This makes it the ideal solution for any healthcare environment. The coating acts as a passive barrier against bacteria whilst also destroying their growth, thus reducing the risk of spreading germs.

The Strading-hygienic handrail has been designed for both indoor and outdoor purposes, with a wide range of infill panel designs available. This provides hospitals with the ability to make their entrance systems accessible for everyone, as well as ensuring that they are easy to identify. For any outdoor purpose, the Strading-Hygienic incorporates a stainless-steel handrail preventing any rust, making them a long-term solution.

In areas where a warm touch is required, such as the entrance ramps, steps and interior corridors then the Stargard with its 4mm thick pvc sleeve would be the perfect choice.

For more information, please visit: https://www.handrailsuk.co.uk/balustrades-healthcare