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Uses for Open Mesh Flooring

There are many different types of mesh flooring with a variety of uses, which overall contribute to a safer working environment.

Grated flooring usually consists of vertical standing flat bars. The tallest bars are called bearing bars, and the transverse bars are called control and filler bars. The control bars are used during the welding process so that the gratings are kept in their square shape.

Together, the bars form a pattern of many square/rectangular sections, called “meshes”.

Open mesh flooring is regularly used in industries, or any environment where additional drainage or ventilation is required. Such as:

  • Offshore Industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Dairy plants
  • Food and bottling plants

Open mesh flooring is featured heavily in the design and manufacture of flooring in the offshore industry. It is therefore crucial that your flooring, meets the very stringent standards required in respect of load, non-slip, durability and mesh sizes.

The design of the flooring permits the free draining of surface liquids such as rain, ice, dirt and oil.  These slip resistant qualities make it a necessity for all areas where the risk assessment indicates foreseeable water wet contamination.

One of the main uses for open mesh flooring in the above industries are raised platforms, mezzanine flooring and steel walkways on many industrial applications.  Its open design ensures minimum obstruction of light from one level to another.

The combination of high strength and great durability ensures open mesh flooring is a highly cost effective alternative to coated mild steel and aluminium grid floor equivalents.

Steelway offer a wide range of industrial steel flooring, to meet the BS 4592 British Standard. Their range includes diamond pattern open mesh and rectangular pattern open mesh, both with plain or serrated load bearing bars.

To find out more open mesh flooring by Steelway, visit their website:


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